Al bolso del ilustrador, Cool Ilustration de Carolina Amell

It’s not a pocket edition. Cool Illustration has a regular format, is comfortable to read, and it has a relatively nice weight in relation to the printing quality. It’s a book for entertainment and a cloud of ideas. It doesn’t have a specific illustration format and the variety of works that it presents can encompass a wide spectrum of illustration types. It shows exemplaries for every self-taught people and emerging professionals of this art that are looking for inspiration.

It is designed to be an introduction to the discipline. In concise lines condenses the information, technique, and the working basis of each mentioned artist by mentioning them in such way that the reader can understand the origin and essence of the work that is shown. There are two paragraphs and about ten illustrations for each artist. It’s a book of 189 pages: easy to read and aesthetically attractive. It’s a journey that contemplates color, monochrome, pencil, watercolor, ink, hand lettering, freehand drawings, and more. Nature, human beings, conceptualism, geometry, advertising are illustrated… it has a generous range and offers something for everyone’s taste.

The illustrators that you will find here are: Esra Roise, Pierre Mornet, Adam Cruft, Magicomora, Ivonna Buenrostro, Dilka Bear, Alexandra Levasseur, Denise Nestor, María Herreros, Ricardo Cavolo, Daniela Henríquez, Lady Desidia, Paula Bonet, and Langdon Graves. The author, Carolina Amell, has classified the selection as “fresh, new, and modern.” Carolina Amell is Spanish, and an art author and publisher, who spends time designing books for Monsa Ediciones, which is an editorial that endorses this copy. She studied design, obtaining the graphic and textile designer degree in Barcelona.

You can find the book in Contrapunto library for CLP 27,800 or in the web for CLP 26,410.



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