Los Aparecidos – Prisioneros de la materia de T.T

Everything, for the simple fact of the existence, has a story. They have, among many things, a burden in its origin, a destiny, use, and disuse. The symbolic strength of objects can transmit us their messages. Appreciating them, taking them into account, having them near provokes us to recall, discover, and build a dialogue with them.

The constant has been related to the work with containers of other elements, that are prepared for different uses, transport packaging, utility containers that already exist and from the habitual are reassigned. Their primary function is different from their artistic functionality. This object, that is repositioned, modifies its objetual power to a critic and reflective perspective. What is lost in the routine has been found by chance. The unnoticed –now is visible as if it were a warning –constitutes an attractive way to rebuild and to examine.

These transit objects are used as support so the T.T works as a medium and generates a proper place for the creative communication. It’s from the matter itself where you can take an advantage. By paying attention to the deep whispers of the materials, the artist can clarify the images; unravel gestures, characters, colors, stains, and textures. So they can speak with us, within the richness of their language: ‘The Apparitions.’

Each piece, worked with subtleness and detail, guides us to the ease of the experimental. It carefully takes us closer to the research in relation to the materials that are used. Mysteries are solved and, as hidden surprises, the apparitions show up from their homes/ objects translating their original and fantastic tales.

The artist has the ability to discover what remains hidden in the interior of the objects. She can read their burdens from the oddness of the materiality. She solves this problem by means of infinite graphic solutions and this seems to be denied. As she explains it, this is part of the spiritual process of creation, which is merged in the vital relationship with the elements that are saved.

‘The Apparitions’ are the delightful ingredients in the scenario, the main characters of what has to stay afloat in order to be enjoyed.

The exhibition is open from January 14th to February 14th 2016.
Place: Multidisciplinary space La casa del Carnero. Malaquías Concha 0392, Providencia. Santiago, Chile.

For more information, visit http://taniateje.tumblr.com/

Images courtesy of the artist.



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