Más de 10 artistas chilenos dentro del top 50 del ranking de artistas AAL

Alfredo Jaar, José Balmes, Roser Bru, Jorge Tacla, Juan Domingo Dávila, Arturo Duclos, Eugenio Dittborn, Lotty Rossenfeld, Gonzalo Mezza, Carlos Maturana, Paulina Humeres, Gonzalo Cienfuegos, and Ximena Armas represent the best Latin-American art, positioning them on the first places of the Arte al Limite contemporary art international ranking.

Art in Chile seems to be increasing according to figures. After Cuba – with ten exponents – and Argentina – with eight exponents – Chile is positioned as one of the countries where contemporary artists can grow and put into practice their skills and talents appropriately.

Thirteen exponents from different disciplines and trends – from Conceptualism to Realism – work with a limitless number of technics and themes to create installations, paintings, engravings, video art, among others. This means that art permits a wide range of artists, so that they can develop their representatives. Today, besides the way Chilean artists have improved their artworks to obtain an object known worldwide, foreign artists that become Chilean citizens are distinguished in the same ranking. They have started and developed their careers on the edge-of-the-world territory instead of their homeland.



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