Tradición muralista árabe en peligro de extinción

Saudi society has painting their houses for centuries, a muralist tradition that is in danger of extinction and several groups of Arab women and artists are trying to rescue, even that is incorporated in the list of heritage sites by UNESCO.

The Saudi artist Ahmed Mater leads a group of artists and cultural historians to draw attention to this Arab tradition in which women are responsible for carrying out large handmade murals at home, and that is on the danger of extinction. The group is called Edge of Arabia and its co-founder, the British artist Steven Stapleton said they plan to tour Middle East where this tradition is exposed.

And this is not the only group interested in preserving this ancient custom. In fact, this week a group of women artisans from the village of Rijal Alma painted two murals for a large-scale exhibition at the UN headquarters in New York. The project is called “House of Our Mother” and is organized by different groups in collaboration with the government of Saudi Arabia and that Unesco is trying to incorporate the village of Rijal Alma to its list of World Heritage sites.



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