Se inicia ciclo de performance de Janet Toro en el MMDH

Every Thursday until November 12th, Museum of Memory and Human Rights will present cycle In Situ by Chilean artist Janet Toro.

Last October 8th in Museum of Memory and Human Rights terrace, the presentation called El Reflejo was carried out. This encompasses concerning immigrant identity in a different society they were born. This is the first of a series of five performances of the well-known Chilean artist Janet Toro (1963). This will encompasses different conundrums born on the effects of power relations over people’s life.

Nemeln, the next performance will start next October 15th, Thursday, at 18:00 o’clock. It addresses the importance and sense of the Mapuche word in the same culture. “I am interested how words create cohesion, identity, and keep historical stories about memory. They show how Mapuche culture is being ignored too,” Janet Toro said to Arte al Límite.
Third performance will start at 15:00 o’clock on the third floor of the museum, Thursday 22nd of this month. It encompasses funerary ritual of Velorio del Ángel (Angel’s wake) starting from its implications with surviving and healing of open wounds. Thursday 29th, from 11:00 to 18:00, Distopía will be shown, a negative utopia that will be represented by means of a claustrophobic place where the artist shut himself up on the Catedral Street.

Thursday, November 12th, at 19:00, performance La Tarjeta talks about effects of a credit system over people existence. This will end the cycle and will be in the entrance hall. In Situ – cuerpo, acción, and contingency at 19:00 hours in the museum auditorium. On it, art historians Soledad Novoa Donoso, Carlos Ossa, Dr. Ricardo Loebell, and the same artist will assist.



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