Balmaceda Arte Joven iniciará el IV Seminario Internacional de Economía Creativa & Territorio

October 21st and 22nd, in Valparaiso, a seminar will be performed. This seminar is a space for reflection and debate concerning creative economy and territorial growth.

On the fourth version, the seminar will highlight collaboration and innovation as factors of action and social change. The invitation is to think and work together to seek creative solutions for problems and challenges of current society to build “the desired region.”

It is organized by Balmaceda Arte Joven Valparaiso thanks to the CORFO support. During two open days for public, workshops and meetings with national and international experts will be performed, who are setting out questions and worries to reflect along with assistants.

Speakers are Jordi Juanós (Spain), Clara Mónica Zapata (Colombia), Gerardo Neugovsen (Panama), Alejandro Rodríguez (Chile), Alex Paredes (Chile), and Francisca Keller (Chile).
Meetings: DUOC UC Extension Center (Blanco 997, Valparaiso)
Workshops: Balmaceda Arte Joven Valparaiso (Santa Isabel 739, Cerro Alegre) and Accion Emprendedora Valparaiso (Blanco 958).
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