Entender el arte contemporáneo

What does a spectator think when seeing a deep fissure on the floor in a gallery or a book-made Partenon? Understanding contemporary art is not easy because artists use many expressions and materials to share their message. How do we know when an art work is worth it?

Concerned about this reality, Sylvia Ready and Bárbara Becker decided to write a book to explain the proposal of 20 Chilean and Latin-American artists. This will bring contemporary art closer to people.

Starting with the title, Entender el arte Contemporáneo (Understanding Contemporary Art) is like a guide, a tour through art route and its different expressions: performance, conceptualism, installations, original works, and new movements as sound art, among others. Movements that – once being in the artistic world – create an insuperable distance between the spectator and the work – for now at least.

In this book, complex proposals of Marta Minujin, Francisco Copello, Luis Carmitzer, Alfredo Jaar, Doris Salcedo, CADA group, among others are simplified by means of simple-language, educative, explanations – besides having a very appealing design and images that illustrate different aesthetics.

Name: Entender el arte contemporáneo
Authors: Sylvia Ready and Bárbara Becker
Editorial: Contrapunto
Price: $29.900 CLP



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