Contemporary artworks from Israeli artists arrive to Germany

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art sent various pieces to the German capital. Among the works, there are also paintings from international artists such as Jackson Pollock and Kandinsky.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art has given over 70 artworks from its collection to the European country. The pieces were part of three major departments of the institution: Modern Art, Prints and Drawings and Israeli Art. Modern Art is the show’s focus, enriched by media artworks from artists of Israel. Thereby, the exhibition contains pieces from international artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock and Alberto Giacometti, among many others, and Israeli works of videoart and installations.

Classic modern and contemporary art are shown in a constant dialogue; this is the main focus of the curatorial concept. In addition, the exhibition stands out for the contemporary trends in the dealing of political and social issues. In that manner, Israeli artists Raafat Hattab, Abraham Tzion Hazan and Tamir Zadok are present with very personal views of the social conflicts present in their country.

Since its foundation and with a collection of over a dozen works, the Tel Aviv Museum of Arte has grown in acquisitions and it has become in one of the major art institutions and cultural centers of the Middle East.



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