Picasso and Dalí perform at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona

Besides the works of the greatests masters of art, there will be documentation and letters, among the artists, never before exhibited to the public. The exhibit runs through June 28 at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. 

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona hosts the exhibition Picasso/ Dali. Dalí/Picasso. Here you can see more than 78 works, including paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures and prints, as well as extensive documentation about both artists.

The exhibition features works from over 25 museums and private collectors in Europe and the US, and will be open from tomorrow until June 28. The staging and assembly work was co-produced with the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg (Florida, USA) in collaboration with the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation in Figueres. 

Besides the paintings exhibited, Picasso/Dalí. Dalí/Picasso comes complete with a selection of 33 documents, including correspondence sent to Picasso and Dalí Gala.



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