Soundtiago, sound, body and space

Music, performance, poetry, facilities and a very “chill” environment were the protagonists on past Saturday at the main campus courtyard, the theater and the film archives of UDLA, in Providencia. Soundtiago was presented as the first sound, body and space festival in Santiago. Giving a place for the multidisciplinary dialogue regarding academic interests and concerns of guest actors and of the same university linked to the Core of Language and Creation, belonging to the faculty of Architecture, Design and Construction of the Universidad de Las Américas University.

A series of performances, poetic and sound presentations were developed, giving an atmosphere to the whole event

The festival is shown through colored ribbons that appropriated the space, indicating – or confusing – the viewer about the routes that led to the plastic proposals -or a place-. In one of the central courtyards, a series of performative, poetic and sonorous / musical presentations are developed that give the atmosphere to the whole event. Soft and abstract sounds that recall the movement of experimentation with synthesizers of the seventies and the dispossession of the periodic patterns for the useful and fluid life; to memorable albums like 76:14, from the group Global Communication, launched in 1994, and the entire legacy that Brian Eno or Aphex Twin left behind.

One of the installations without doubt more seductive occupied only 5×5 meters in approximate, Void, the group Sinestesia, which played illusoryly with the depth and density of the space to «fill» a kaleidoscopic number of points projected on a penetrable built layers of very translucent textile panels, thus diluting the perception of limits, and ironically, accompanied by sound effects, gave the feeling of a vast void.

The festival ends live from Glasgow with a presentation of sound art

The Scottish artist Mark Vernon, who places his work among the limits of sound art, music and broadcasting, after having given a workshop in Santiago, Radiophrenia, closes the festival live from Glasgow with a presentation of sound art.

The relationship between the body and the intangible remind us that space-ergo, architecture-is also constructed through other, much more ephemeral senses, which have been overshadowed by the importance given to permanence and the visual; to the solid, dissociating us from our subtle side of understanding and inhabiting the places.



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