Interdesign presents the editorial project Poetry and Art

Galería Isabel Aninat (Isabel Aninat’s gallery) and CO Galería (CO’s gallery), present an exhibition at Interdesign that mixes poetry and art, with the participation of the outstanding Chilean artists Juan Castillo and Raúl Zurita, in collaboration with Spanish artists, Francis Naranjo and Dionisio Cañas, accompanied by the curatorial work of Carlos Nuñez, director of SerArte.

Juan Castillo, Francis Naranjo, Raúl Zurita, Carlos Nuñez and Fernando Balcells










The edition of these copies was in charge of GAS Editions, who made a print-run of 15  editions of collections, in a wooden box made by hand and numbered: and 50 more copies in carton box HAHNEMÜLE made by hand.


“Sueños de Europa”| “Las piedras, sueñan”  («Europe’s dreams» | The rocks, dream»)
“¿Te dije acaso que sufría?”| “Ritos de Paso” («I told you that I was suffering?| «Passage Rite»)














These artworks are a result of 18 months of exhaustive work and the consolidation of the relations between these artists. The box where the work of Raul Zurita is presented, shows the exploration about the pain and suffering for having survived the dictatorship in Chile. In that context, Juan Castillo expose his photographs of an intervention, where he burned some signs in which the phrase “Te devuelvo tu imagen) (“I return your image”).

On the other hand, Dionisio Cañas makes powerful verses about the Nowadays: the death of the European dream as the cradle of the Western society, the breakdown, and decline of its values. Francis Naranjo accompanies this versus with a set of photographs that invites us to think about the eternal that rocks seem to be, as the beauty, stillness and memory of this objects over the uses that we give it to them.

The presentation of these copies was carried out last January 4, 2017 at 19:30 hrs, where artists and the curator of the artworks were presented, they explained the concept behind this project. The exhibition opens to the public up to January 13, in the gallery provided by Interdesign.




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